Siren 64" Acrylic Tub with Integral Drain and Overflow


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Instill a modern edge into your home’s bathroom with the Siren Freestanding Tub from Barclay. Featuring a comfortable modern design, lightweight and durable Acrylic construction, and striking polished chrome drain and overflow covers, this tub is sure to please. Barclay’s consistently high standards of quality craftsmanship furthermore ensure that this lovely tub will grace your home for many years to come.
  • Constructed of 2 acrylic sheets
  • Air between sheets provides insulation to help retain warmth
  • Overall dimensions 63-5/8" L x 28-1/2" W x 22-1/2" H
  • Features overflow slot with integrated drain
  • Features Levelers
  • Drain and overflow covers included (Available in 8 finishes)
  • No faucet holes
  • Gallon capacity: 44
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