Penney 61" Acrylic Freestanding Tub with Integral Drain and Overflow

$2,418.00 MSRP

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Bring a splash of contemporary design and sophistication to your home bathroom with the Penney 61” Freestanding Tub from Barclay. Its comfortable modern design, lightweight and durable acrylic construction, and elegantly finished drain and overflow covers create an effect which is unforgettable. Purchase this tub and discover for yourself how Barclay has become a trusted source for high quality and stylish bathroom fixtures.
  • Acrylic construction for lighter weight
  • Tub is 60-3/4" L x 29-3/8" W
  • Air between sheet provides insulation to help retain warmth
  • 35 Gallon capacity
  • Tub exterior is white
  • Overflow slot with integrated drain
  • Drain and overflow covers included (available in 7 finishes)
  • Requires flexible supplies
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