Bathtub Air Jet Kit


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You can experience the luxury of heated air jet massage in your own home with our air massage option for acrylic, copper, or resin tubs. Relax and feel the stress of the day evaporate as pre-warmed air surges through 16 strategically placed jets, surrounding your body with air bubbles to massage aching muscles and stimulate your circulatory system.
  • 750 Watt blower motor operates system *Please note blower motor must be installed within 15 feet of tub with an access panel for maintenance
  • 300 Watt air heater warms air
  • 16 Brass air jets placed in bottom of the tub
  • Each air jet has 24 holes
  • Automatic system purge after each use
  • Automatic safety timer turns off system after 20 minutes
  • Includes water tight remote control
  • Compatible with most acrylic, copper, ans resin tubs (Please refer to desired bathtub spec sheet for more information and compatibility)
  • Not available with cast iron tubs or tubs with feet
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